What Happened to Kishalini? Death In Accident Santhittha Naal Mudhal Heroine is Dead

We are saddened to inform that Kishalyini, who was widely known for her appearance in the movie Santhitha Naal Muthal, has reportedly passed away tragically. Just recently, we heard about the death of film actress Santhitha Naal Muthal through a social media post. Ever since the news of Kishalyini’s death broke out, it has left fans buzzing and frantically searching for what happened to her or how she died. We have researched about it and gathered some important details about this news. However, we have tried to answer each pressing question related to this title. So stick with this page and make sure to watch it all the way to the last page. Scroll down the screen and look through the following sections.


Kishalyini died in an accident

What happened to Kishalyini? According to the post claiming Kishalyini passed away, she was involved in a road accident. It is known that Santhitha Nall Muthal actress Kishalyini passed away on Sunday morning March 26, 2023 after a car accident. It is shocking that such a talented actress in the Tamil industry tragically lost her life in a road accident. Please scroll down the page and read more details.

Northeast road accident

What were the circumstances surrounding the accident in which Kishalyini lost his life? Since people heard about Kishalyini’s accident, they are looking for details about the accident and the cause of the collision. But no details were shared about the accident. We are still trying to gather details about Kishalyini’s accident. Because this incident took place not long ago, details are limited. But we have placed our interest in gathering more information about Kishalyini’s accident. Talking about the cause of Kishalyini’s death, it is clear that the actress died after the collision, the cause of her death was definitely related to her injuries. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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The post revealing Kishalyini’s accident read: “With profound sadness, we inform you that our film actress Santhitha Naal Muthal, Kishalyini passed away this morning due to a road accident. We send our deepest condolences to her family. May her soul rest in peace” It was shared by Theepben Balakrishnan. However, there is still no statement from the actress’s family. We are waiting to hear back from her friends and relatives about her tragic passing.

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