What Happened To Lorman Goco? Accident and Cause Of Death Revealed

We know that all of you are feeling sad after reading about the death. But our mission is to inform you to pray for the soul of the deceased to rest and take care of yourself and your loved ones. This time the deceased was identified as Lorman Goco and the entire medical community is mourning his death. By profession, the deceased was a doctor and that is why the whole community paid tribute to him. He is a medical doctor practicing surgery at Luna Goco Medical Center.

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What happened to Lorman Goco?

Many social media users wanted to know the cause of his sudden death and searched for his official obituary. Luna Goco Medical Center where the deceased practiced is considered a leading hospital, where patients receive top-notch medical care from a team of highly skilled professionals. This group was led by Dr. Mario Augusto Lorman Goco, who is no longer among us and they are patients of this hospital and the staff are mourning his passing.

The sudden passing of Lorman Goco left his family, friends, relatives and patients in deep shock and his passing was no less than a tragedy for them. The news about the late doctor was shared by Calapan Vice Mayor Bim Ignacio, the deceased’s cousin. He shared the news on Facebook and expressed his sadness and grief. He said that not only his family but the entire community is mourning his sudden passing. The exact details of Dr. Goco’s death are still unclear but some reports say he lost his life after being involved in an accident.

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However, the investigation regarding this matter is ongoing and we will soon get exact details about this tragedy. The local government has not issued any official statement regarding this issue. We are trying to find out whether the deceased lost his life after getting into an accident or because of some other reason. The Facebook post where the news of his passing was shared read, “This is quite a surprising news to hear and you are gone too soon. The news of your sudden death has devastated us. Not only was he a great doctor, but he was also a wonderful son, father, brother and family member. The news of your sudden death is considered a great loss in the ranks of great doctors. May God grant your soul rest. You will always be missed my brother.”

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