What happened to Micah and Paul after Love Is Blind – Still Together?

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Micah Lussier and Paul Peden’s relationship on Love Is Blind Season 4 becomes more and more troubled as time goes on. Here’s what happened to them and what they’ve been doing since the cameras stopped rolling.

Love Is Blind Season 4 was one of the most successful seasons of the series and it gave fans couples like Zack & Bliss, and Tiffany & Brett, both of whom built healthy families together.

Micah and Paul were another couple established on the show and Micah was previously interested in Kwame Appiah but left him to be with Paul. Similarly, Paul left Amber Wilder for Micah.

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However, as the two spend more time together, viewers can see how incompatible they are.

Are Micah and Paul still together?

After all the obstacles they both tried to overcome, Micah and Paul were still not together in the end.

NetflixMicah and Paul break up on their wedding day in Love Is Blind Season 4

The couple initially hit it off and became the second couple to get engaged during the season. They introduced each other to friends and relatives and celebrated together in front of the altar.

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However, Paul refused to get married in the finale and rejected Micah at the altar.

He said: “I love you, but I don’t think we can choose each other right now. Um, I think we’re not there.”

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For Paul, chemistry alone is not enough in a relationship. He expressed that becoming a parent in the future is important to him and he thinks Micah is not ready for such things. He felt she wasn’t “nurturing” enough.

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What did Micah and Paul do after Love Is Blind?

According to Love Is Blind: After the Altar, the couple continued to date when the movie stopped filming but officially broke up a few months later.

In the same episode, Micah opened up about how her lingering emotions made it difficult for her to move on and that the situation was “difficult and confusing” for her. She wanted to cut off all contact with Paul to let go of her feelings.

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Micah then moved to Arizona, eliminating any chance of reconciliation.

Since their split, Paul has moved on to a relationship with Geneva Dunham, while Micah debuted a new boyfriend in September 2023. She is also working hard on her reality TV career and is reported to be appears on Netflix’s Perfect Match Season 2.

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