What is bone crushing on Tikok? The trend of creating dangerous facial shapes with a hammer

Bone crushing is a trend that is gradually taking over TikTok. It shows people using hammers or other hard objects to break facial bones and change the shape of their faces. Here’s everything you need to know about the controversial trend.

TikTokers are no strangers to strange or even dangerous trends. From drinking Borax for “health reasons” to AI health filters that can supposedly detect diseases, these trends are some of the most popular on the app.

One of the newer health trends on the app focuses more on appearance, with users hitting their faces with a hammer in an attempt to change the shape of their face.

But how does it work and where does it start? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the ‘bone breaking’ trend on TikTok?

In this emerging trend seen on TikTok, bones are intentionally broken to give an aesthetically appealing appearance, such as larger cheekbones or chin.

This puzzling trend has racked up more than 260.4 million views on TikTok and seen thousands of people intentionally participating in bone breaking and sharing the results. Bottles, massagers and even hammers are some of the items used in the video to achieve an edgier look.

Some people have posted their results, including before-and-after photos that viewers claim were obtained by breaking their own facial bones.

Is ‘bone breaking’ effective?

Breaking the bone is a difficult process because the symmetrical result requires a lot of pressure and precision.

The practice was first introduced by 19th century German surgeon and anatomist Julius Wolff’s Law, which stated that bones heal spontaneously after stress.

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Despite this theory, bone crushing is not recommended because there is no medical basis for its effectiveness, the Evening Standard reported.

Although human bones can adapt to any situation – broken bones will even become significantly stronger than before after healing – the research supporting bone crushing is almost non-existent. But this does not prevent it from becoming popular.

Another big risk with bone crushing is that no one can consistently apply enough pressure to the face to increase bone density. Repeated trauma can even damage or irritate nerves, while overuse trauma can lead to fractures and permanent deformity.

Face-smashing isn’t the only controversial trend going viral on TikTok. See our list of some of the most dangerous or controversial trends that have spread on the app.

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