What is Live Silent on TikTok? New weird live streaming

A new TikTok live-streaming trend has popped up on the platform where creators do “Silent Live,” but what exactly is it?

Since TikTok launched the live streaming option, a lot of trends have taken over the platform.

Most recently, the TikTok Live NPC trend has seen thousands of creators act like an unplayable character in a video game while taking home countless giveaways in the process.

Now, Silent Lives is taking over the app by asking viewers not to send gifts or interact with the stream.

“Silent Live” is TikTok’s latest live streaming trend

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok and thousands of views of Silent Live’s uploaded clips, it’s certain that many have seen the new trend on the For You Page.

On streams, creators put text on the screen to ask users to dislike, share, or gift during the broadcast.

On a re-uploaded clip of a creator’s silent live stream, you can see they’ve garnered over 2.2k viewers on the stream.

One popular Silent Live streamer is TikToker Princessteshome, who has received quite a bit of response from many users watching her live stream.

“I went in and put an emoji and she yelled at me and ended her live stream because I put a funny emoji,” one user replied.

Another said: ‘I remember people putting Dinosaur and other things on her screen and she would be angry about it.

While others simply shared that they think threading is an interesting and sometimes funny new trend. On the other hand, others point to a tendency to use reverse psychology to get more gifts.

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It’s unknown if Silent Lives will evolve like NPC streams, but until that happens, you can visit our entertainment for more information.

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