What is the exact meaning of ‘Flipping Straights’ in Ted Lasso?

In the latest episode of Ted Lasso, the phrase “Flipping Straights” is mentioned by Rebecca as she tells the story of Freddie Mercury. Viewers may be curious about the meaning of this term.

Although AFC Richmond is a fictional team in Ted Lasso’s world, the show has grown the club over three seasons, making it feel like a real Premier League team.

In a recent episode, it was revealed that Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, once owned a fictional group in 1980. In response to this revelation, Rebecca mentioned that Freddie Mercury’s key talent is “unmasking.” . However, the exact meaning of the phrase is not clearly explained in the episode.

hannah waddingham and freddie mercury both have wonderful four-octave voices and both have a knack for straight movement. correct #tedlasso pic.twitter.com/S86uC4j802

– chrysanthemum (@weltonsmac) May 24, 2023

The episode focuses on AFC Richmond’s away game against Manchester City, where City supporters sing their national anthem, “Blue Moon”. Keeley suggested that Richmond should have their own national anthem for fans to sing.

Higgins later shared that they had a song when Freddie Mercury briefly owned the team in 1980, similar to how Elton John owned Watford. He mentioned that Freddie tried to make “Fat Bottomed Girls” the club song, but it didn’t work out. Interestingly, the song appears on the Ted Lasso soundtrack when Team Richmond returns home from Manchester later in the episode.

During this conversation, Rebecca added that her late father attended art school with Freddie Mercury, which further helped her connect with the Queen’s frontman.

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“People always talk about his amazing four-octave vocal range,” she began. “But my father always insisted that if you really asked Freddie what his greatest talent was, he would say ‘flipped straight’.

The exact meaning of the phrase ‘Flipping Straights’ in Ted Lasso

In Ted Lasso, the phrase “flipping Straights” can mean someone who is attractive or attractive enough to attract people who identify as straight, regardless of their sexual orientation. Can generate praise or admiration.

In other words, “revealing” means that a person has the ability to attract or admire from someone who would normally be attracted to the opposite sex. It is not intended to change a person’s gender, but to highlight a person’s general attractiveness or attractiveness.

In the context of Ted Lasso, Rebecca suggests that Freddie Mercury is so universally loved that even people who are identified as outspoken will openly express their love or attraction to him.

A beloved Englishman with a four-octave vocal range and the ability to jump straight? You mean Hannah Waddingham?#TedLasso pic.twitter.com/uJIxnbkDIU

– M (@WeltonSwears) May 24, 2023

A recent real-life example of this phenomenon might be Pedro Pascal, who has gained considerable popularity and fan favorite in recent months. Even casual male fans can appreciate his looks, personality, and talent, alongside gay and female fans.

Ted Lasso fan reaction

While Rebecca described Freddie Mercury’s greatest talent as “flipping straight,” Ted Lasso fans were quick to draw similarities between the iconic Queen singer and Hannah Waddingham, the actress who played the role. Rebecca on the show.

One fan on Twitter explained: “Hannah Waddingham and Freddie Mercury both have amazing 4 octaves and both have a knack for straight transitions. Correct.”

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While another noted the same point: “Four octave range and straight flip? It’s Hannah Waddingham, thank you very much.”

“Sure that’s also Hannah’s talent,” wrote another fan. “Four octave range and straight flip.”

I love that they’ve figured out how to make ‘AFC Richmond owned by Freddie Mercury’ the norm since it was cut from the pilot program. pic.twitter.com/vYFBcsclQG

And finally, this fan also believes that the messy straight line is a little joke among the show’s creators: “I just know Jason Sudeikis made Rebecca tell the ‘Freddie flips upright’ story because he knew it. that Miss Waddingham has all the gays in the palm of her hand.”

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