What is the Roman Empire trend on TikTok?

A new trend of women asking the men in their lives how often they think about the Roman Empire has gone viral – and the answers often shock them.

A premise making the rounds on social media is alerting many wives, girlfriends and partners to a shocking truth about the men in their lives: they constantly think about the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire refers to a territory that 2,000 years ago included areas in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia ruled by emperors. Its innovations in culture, law, religion and technology have had lasting impacts to this day.

With over 881.8 million views in the Roman Empire tag on TikTok, people are clearly interested in the historical time period, but why are women today asking the men in their lives what they think about it? how many times?

What is the Roman Empire trend on TikTok?

In August, Gaius Flavius, a Roman reenactor based in Sweden, shared an Instagram video to his 100,000 followers with an onscreen caption that read: “Ladies, Many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire.”

This trend has finally come to TikTok. In the most viral clip with 5.1 million views, author Sam Slupski recounts seeing the meme and questioning her husband.

“He spoke every day,” Slupski said, “and then we had a 45-minute conversation about the Roman Empire.”

In another video, TikToker Kira Kosarin asked her partner in front of the camera, who replied: “three times a day.” The video has received 3.7 million views.

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TikToker Laine Bullinger also filmed her boyfriend answering the question in a video with 3.5 million views, in which he replied “not much — twice a week.” When she asked incredulously why, he replied: “They are the second most powerful empire.”

But is this really the reason why men constantly think about the Roman Empire?

Why do men think about the Roman Empire so much?

As this trend continues to spread more and more widely, women will be confused as to why men think about the Roman Empire so much.

While some men took to the comments section to try to explain their passion for the historical era, one TikToker even went as far as creating an entire video explaining why men often I often think about the Roman Empire.

A man with the username themasculineedge on the platform created a TikTok with the caption: “Roman Empire trends explained from a man’s perspective.

He said: “Men inherently have a need to conquer. “We always have and always will. We want to conquer. We want to conquer everything. We love adventure. We need it and look for it, and if we don’t have it, we imagine it.”

He continued: “There is a quote: ‘Most men live lives of quiet desperation.’ If your man is thinking about his own empire and then conquest, it is because he himself has not conquered enough in his life.”

However, not everyone in the comments believes his theory. “It is not just about the Roman conquest, but also about civilization, glory, honor, culture, longevity, etc.,” one comment reads.

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Another person had a different theory, writing: “It’s interesting to see how big it is because of its impact and look at all the things those inventions invented and how they failed.” .

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