What Is WhatsApp’s Channel Feature and How Can You Access It?

WhatsApp has rolled out Channels to more regions. But what are WhatsApp Channels and how do you get access to the feature?

WhatsApp Channels are one of the best features available on the platform. WhatsApp introduced Channels in 2023 as a way to allow its enormous user base to get updates from various organizations and people right inside the platform.



If all your favorite organizations and people own Channels, you won’t need to use social media platforms to stay updated anymore. But what exactly are WhatsApp Channels, how do you get access to the feature, and how do channels differ from communities?

What Is a Channel on WhatsApp?

A WhatsApp Channel is a private messaging feature that allows admins to send one-to-many broadcast messages to their followers. As a Channel’s follower, you will receive updates from important people and organizations. By design, WhatsApp hides the number and profile photo of a Channel admin from followers. Followers can’t also view the numbers or profile photos of other followers. So if you follow a WhatsApp Channel, you won’t risk revealing your phone number.

However, admins can see your profile name and may also be able to see your profile photo depending on your privacy settings. You can check out tips on how to make WhatsApp secure if you need assistance with that.

There are different types of channels on WhatsApp. As of writing, the most popular channels are those owned by sports organizations and teams like WWE, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Liverpool Football Club. However, WhatsApp also has a dedicated Channel with millions of followers where you can keep up to date with the app’s latest developments.

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2 Images Popular Channels in WhatsApp WhatsApp's official channel

You’ll also find channels owned by non-profit organizations like UNICEF and the World Health Organization. Local organizations and media companies have channels, too.

How to Get WhatsApp’s Channel Feature

WhatsApp’s Channels feature can be accessed if you’re in a supported region and have the app’s latest version. As of August 2023, WhatsApp Channels are only available in a handful of countries: Singapore, Colombia, Ukraine, Chile, Malaysia, Egypt, Peru, Kenya, and Morocco.

If you’re not in one of these countries, you can’t access the feature and hence can’t create or find and follow WhatsApp Channels.

However, if you’re in one of these regions, follow these steps to get Channels in WhatsApp:

  1. On Android, open Play Store and tap the Search bar at the top. Search for WhatsApp, and from the search results page, tap the Update button adjacent to WhatsApp to download and install the latest version of the app.
  2. On iOS, open the App Store and search for WhatsApp. Tap the Update button on the search results page to download and install the latest version. 2 Images Searching for WhatsApp in the App Store WhatsApp Update button in the App Store

If you see Open instead of Update, either in the App Store or Play Store search results page, you’re running the latest version.

Once you have the latest version of the app, open the app and head over to the Updates (formerly Status) tab. You should now have access to the feature. If not, restart the app and open it again.

What Is the Difference Between a Channel and a Community on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Channels and Communities might sound related, but these are two distinct features meant for different purposes. The key difference is a Channel provides a standalone way to send one-way broadcast messages to many users. However, a WhatsApp Community enables admins to organize related groups based on topics.

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While creating a WhatsApp Community, you need to add groups that should be part of it, thus making it easier to manage several related groups as an admin. The number of groups you can add to a Community is limited to 100. On the other hand, WhatsApp Channels can have unlimited followers.

Use WhatsApp Channels to Stay Updated and Expand Your Reach

Unlike groups and Communities, WhatsApp Channels provide a better way to stay updated on the latest from your favorite people and organizations. Best of all, WhatsApp Channels keep your number private, so you can join any Channel without revealing your number to anyone—which can save you from potential spam.

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