What’s happening on October 4th? Mobile phone users warned about Nationwide Test

Warning to all mobile phone users ahead of an emergency nationwide test of all electronic devices on October 4.

As one of the most used electronic devices worldwide, mobile phones have proven to be a necessity. Not only that, but they also support emergencies and work-related services 24/7.

Television and radio are also frequently used by people across the globe. And if a device stops working, users of electronic devices often go crazy because the device tends to aid in stress relief thanks to its many capabilities.

While not being able to use your handheld device or entertainment system can cause hysteria, users worldwide will be subject to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Dec. October 4, as all cell phones, televisions and radios will undergo a nationwide test.

Unsplash: Immo WegmannFEMA issued a Nationwide Emergency Alert System on October 4.

Mobile Phone Users Warn Nationwide Test Will Be Like “The Purge”

To contain the fire before it breaks out, TikToker NoahClennCarter has issued a warning to all mobile phone users about FEMA’s upcoming nationwide test.

Testing will take place at 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 4. Although the noise from your electronics may be loud over a 30-minute period, FEMA will evaluate the System. Nationwide Emergency Alerts as well as Wireless Emergency Alerts.

Sources have revealed that it is also possible to hear a voice from your device saying something like: “This is a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System, run by the State Administration of Health. issued a federal emergency, covering the United States from 2:20 p.m. to 2:00 p.m..” :50 hours ET. This is just an experiment. The public doesn’t need to act at all.”

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The test itself is intended to ensure that in the event of a national disaster, all electronic devices are notified within a 10-minute period.

The concept dates back to 1951 when the Agency for Control of Electromagnetic Radiation created a warning system for radio stations to warn Americans of a possible Soviet attack. Although the mission proved unsuccessful at the time because the missile was able to intercept radio waves before an alert was sent, the Emergency Warning System was established later, leading to the test. our upcoming nationwide.

TikTok reacts to news of a nationwide test on October 4

Although NoahGlennCarter urges his TikTok viewers to “don’t panic,” the only thing people do when asked ‘don’t panic?’ – that’s right, damn it!

People were so shocked when they heard about the 30-minute stretch, that one TikToker commented on Noah’s viral warning: “Dude, I’d be in a bit of a meltdown without my phone. There will be nothing to entertain.”

While another asked the legitimate question, “Okay, but what if my phone turns off completely?”

Some TikTokers even commented on their going to school during the national exam, prompting one person to react: “What if I’m in class?”

While the Emergency Alert System test will take 30 minutes, the electronics will be available for use after that at 2:50 p.m. ET. For people who are agitated by loud noises, it is advisable to turn off cell phones, TVs or radios.

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