Where Is Lil Mabu Now? Criminal Records: Is He In Jail or Prison?

In the age of seeing dreams, some children are involved in serious crimes. Records show that most children are involved in criminal activities. Sadly, not only children but records show that many rappers are spending most of their time doing criminal activities rather than composing new songs. There are many rappers who are constantly in the news after being arrested. Lil Mabu is one such rapper in the news after news of his arrest started spreading online. Netizens wanted to know his criminal record and they were quite shocked when he was rumored to be accused of murder.

Lil Mabu

Lil Mabu Criminal Profile

People want to know if it’s true or just a rumor. Well, no rumor starts without any hint so we believe something is definitely fishy. Lil Mabu’s real name is Matthew Peter DeLuca, who is a teenage rapper, singer and drill artist. He is from New York City. He became famous among people when he released many singles and albums that made him famous. Listeners enjoyed enjoying his songs but now they are shocked after hearing these rumors and become curious to know the truth. He is only 18 years old and has already achieved fame and success surpassing many famous rappers. However, this time the issue is completely different and he is attracting attention for a different reason.

Is Lil Mabu in jail or prison?

This latest news shows that the connection between the rapper and criminal activity continues to strengthen over time. Lil Mabu has been linked to some toxic activities in the past. However, currently no alarming crimes have occurred. He was last in the news because of his divorce from his ex-wife, Jane, who made dishonesty allegations against him. The rapper’s wife confirmed that he had defrauded her of a large amount of money, accusing him of defrauding her of millions of dollars. In addition, he was involved in legal disputes with fellow funeral directors, involving territorial disputes between customers and business operations.

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Lil Mabu

On one occasion, he was even punched in the face, allegedly for trying to secure business from a customer’s 91-year-old mother, reports said. This time, the news of his arrest is making headlines. Rumors of his arrest began to arise when his wanted photos were posted, similar to those often released when hunting dangerous criminals. This rapper’s wanted photo immediately attracted people and they started spreading online. At first, the photo’s trending sparked concern among the teenage rapper’s fans, who began searching for details about his location. However, reports say the news is fake and he has not been detained.

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