Who are the Spaniards? Former criminal turned social media superstar explains

Published: 2024-04-02T03:54:45 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-02T03:54:57

A new internet celebrity with a lengthy criminal record has taken social media by storm, but who exactly is Spanish?

Anthony Lees, 37, is known online as ‘the Spaniard’, having acquired the nickname while serving a sentence at the Cobham Youth Justice Center in Werrington, western Sydney, as a teenager year.

With prisoners giving him his Spanish name to this day, the former prisoner has found success online through various forms of social media.

Boasting nearly 700,000 followers on YouTube, 620,000 on Instagram and more than 510,000 on TikTok, here’s how the Spaniard went from criminal to controversial social media sensation.

Why do Spaniards have to go to jail?

Having spent 13 years in prison before his 30th birthday, the Spaniard’s long list of previous convictions played a key role in his brand. Details about each crime can be found in his autobiography, Spanian: The Unfiltered Hood Life.

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However, getting your hands on a book may be difficult after the Spaniard was dropped by his publisher. Instead, copies now sell for hundreds of dollars on eBay, but for those who don’t want to empty their wallets, here’s a rundown of all his past crimes and their aftermath prison sentences are the result;

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  • School siege with knife (28 days at Cobham Youth Justice Center)
  • Rest and Enter (100 days at Cobham Youth Justice Center)
  • An ATM Raid (Six Months at Cobham Youth Justice Center)
  • Bag theft outside Star City Casino (Five months at Parklea Correctional Center)
  • Armed robbery with intent causing grievous bodily harm (11 months at Parklea Correctional Center before case was dropped due to death of a key witness)
  • Using a vehicle as a weapon, fleeing an accident and predatory driving (18 months at Junee Correctional Center)
  • Attempted murder but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of reckless wounding (Three years and three months at Bathurst Correctional Centre)
  • Operating a criminal group, continuously supplying commercial quantities of drugs, handling criminal proceedings and three counts of recruiting children to carry out criminal support activities (He was sentenced to a maximum of 8 years after being charged in 2011, but was released in 2017)
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How did the Spaniard go from criminal to social media celebrity?

After several stints in prison, Spanian began to focus his energy on developing his online career. His first videos on YouTube showed the Spaniard pursuing the role of drill rapper, however, this was not what started his rise to fame.

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