Who Is C S Sudheer? Freedom App CEO Arrested Over Fraud

There are many businessmen found to be involved in scams and this kind of news appears every 2 or 3 months. Starting a business is not easy because it also takes a lot of effort and time, but once you are successful, no one can stop you from achieving. There are many businessmen who do their work honestly but some are deceiving customers by committing fraud. One such businessman was recently detained for a similar crime. The suspect has been identified as the person who arrested CS Sudheer and people want to know what he is being charged with and what next step the police will take.

CS Sudheer was arrested

Who is CS Sudheer?

Those who don’t know about him need to know that CS Sudheer is an Indian businessman who is famous for being the founder and CEO of the freelance app. He started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age by selling milk. His constant hard work helped him reach the top and made him successful. He is a role model for many people but he is currently in the news because of rumors of his arrest. There are many websites reporting that he was detained after being involved in a scam. Some people believe that this news is fake and want to know its real details.

CS Sudheer was arrested

According to latest media reports, Banashankari police has summoned CS Sudheer, CEO of IndianMoney Freedom App for a hearing in connection with an alleged fraud case. The police have ordered Mr. Sudheer to appear in court within 3 days after the FIR was lodged against him in connection with the matter. The report said the woman identified as Nayana accused the CEO and his team of defrauding her of her work. She filed a police complaint against them.

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CS Sudheer was arrested

She later filed a complaint against him at Banashankari police station. Meanwhile, Sudheer, who was seeking interim bail in connection with the complaint filed against him, has been granted interim anticipatory bail. As a result, a total of 21 individuals filed complaints against CS Sudheer. The court granted bail to accused Sudheer and others soon after that case was filed. Although the police noted that as a condition of bail, the court had ordered the defendant to appear before the investigating officer for questioning.

In her complaint, the woman also alleged that the Freedom app was developed through the conspiracy of Sudheer and others with an intention to deceive. According to the complaint, naive and innocent young girls were used to promote the app.

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