Who Is Deborah Presley? Deborah Presley Husband, Parents, and More

If you are also searching for who is Deborah Presley Brando online, this article will help you a lot. Here we have given some interesting facts to know about Deborah Presley Brando. This woman confirmed that Lisa Marie Presley is not the only child of the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley. Yes, she said that Lisa Marie is her half-sister. Is that true? This news attracted the audience’s attention after the death of Lisa Marie. She died on January 12. In 2018, Deborah Presley Brando announced that she was Lisa Maire’s half-sister and that Elvis Presley was her biological father. Follow this post to read what she added. Follow more updates on PKBNews

Deborah Presley

Who is Deborah Presley?

Deborah Presley Brando claims that the King of Rock & Roll Elvis Presley met her mother Barbara when he was a normal person. Deborah Presley Brando said: Before being famous, Barbara and Elvis met. According to her, Elvis was only 19 years old while Barbara was only 14 years old when they met at a music studio. This shocking statement came from Deborah while she was promoting her book “Memoirs of a Starseed Child”. Scroll down the page and read what she added about Elvis.

Deborah Presley’s husband and parents

Lisa Marie Presley’s alleged half-sister says she has memories of him and she feels flashbacks to her father. Deborah said she was 13 years old when Elvis drove her to school one day, he was very violent. Furthermore, Elvis told her “don’t you know who your father is? He is a hybrid singer.” One day, Deborah was very sad thinking about her father when her boyfriend said: “My mother knew Elvis before he was famous. That’s it!”

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The woman also added that the King of Rock & Roll has been writing to her mother Barbara for years and asking her to keep in touch. Deborah Presley Brando repeatedly said that she found evidence of her father when she was 16 years old. One day, Deborah and her mother heard the news of King’s death on the radio while traveling in the car. That day Barbara said, ‘Yes, he is your father, and I want you to promise me one thing – that you will never do anything to disgrace his name.’ And I said: ‘I promise’.”

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