Who is Ivon Adams: Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Wife, Murder, Home

Who is Ivon Adams: Wiki, Biography, Age, Crime, Wife, Murder, Hometown, Nationality, Birthday, Caretaker, Children, Details, Height, Weight: Ivon Adams Became breaking news in the American world after he was charged with the murder of a 4-year-old girl. The American man with his wife made everyone’s attention after revealing their unforgivable crimes. He became the point of description for everyone next.


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Ivan Adams

Who is Ivan Adams?

Ivon Neil Adams is the full name of Ivon Adams, American citizen, residing on West Nebraska Avenue of Cyril. He is an ordinary person, leading a normal life, working as a peddler and making a living but his depiction of heinous crimes has exposed this man’s true face. He is of white race and has American citizenship.

Ivan Adams Age and Appearance

American resident, Ivon Adams is a 36-year-old male and his date of birth is March 3, 1986. He is fair-skinned with moderate blue eyes and light brown hair. He is of normal height with normal body weight and he looks healthy thanks to his body posture.

Ivon Neil Adams’ Wife and Their Occupation

Ivon is a married man and his wife’s name is Alysia Adina Adams. Alysia is a woman of Hispanic origin, belonging to Spain or Spanish speaking countries. The couple live together at their West Nebraska mansion in Cyril. They don’t have children of their own, but they do childcare. People leave their children at home for days, months or even years.

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Ivan Adams

At the end of 2020, a couple in Oklahoma, the Brownfields left their daughter, Athena Brownfield, 4, and her sister, 5, in the care of the Ivons. The girls have been with the Adams for the past 1 to 1/2 years. But Ivon did not enroll them in any schools nor take them to the hospital for formal medical check-ups. Students who are absent from school do not have health checks.

The Ivan Adams Controversy

Ivon Adams, 36, has been charged with the murder of a 4-year-old girl in Oklahoma, Athena, whom he has cared for with his wife for the past 1.5 years. The case was filed after a postal carrier noticed the 5-year-old boy roaming around Adams’ home without any senior supervision. The owner of the postal carrier filed a complaint and Cyril police began investigating the incident. The Adams were detained by the police on January 12, 2023. The police began to investigate and Ivon Adams’ wife revealed the truth.

Ivon Neil Adams Murder and charges against him

According to the police, Ivon’s wife Alysia admitted the truth and she told the police that-

Ivon beat 4-year-old Athena Brownfield on Christmas Day. He hit him so hard that she became unresponsive and then Ivon punched her in the chest, 3 times after that, Athena didn’t react at all. Then at about 1:00 a.m. on December 16, Ivon left the house with Athena’s body and he buried the body at their old home in the Rush Spring area near the fence and covered the burial ground with a twig. big and heavy tree. Then he left the 5-year-old girl outside the house.

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Allegations against Ivon Adams

Ivon has been charged with 2 counts-

  1. Murder in the first degree (Child Abuse)
  2. Child neglect- a felony

And he’s under bars in the State of Oklahoma.

Below are detailed information about Ivon Adams, age, wife, children, family, father, mother, brother, sister, school, education, hometown, occupation, singer, nationality, measurements, age , height, weight, eye color, hair color, gender, ethnicity, gender, actor, date of birth, place of birth, preferences, address, zodiac sign, date of birth, religion and values Net assets.

Information board Ivon

NameIvon Neil Adams
Nickname Ivan Adams
JobStay home
Height (approx.)Don’t know
Weight approx.)Don’t know
Figure Measurements (Approx.)do not apply
Eye colorBlue
Hair color pale brown
Date of birthMarch 3, 1986
Age (as in 2022)36 years old
place of birthdo not apply
Zodiac / Sun SignPisces
HometownKirill, USA
Schooldo not apply
Collegedo not apply
Academic leveldo not apply
ReligionDon’t know
LevelDon’t know
AddressWest Nebraska Avenue, Cyril
Hobbies/Hobbiesdo not apply
Marital statusMarried
Work/Boyfriend/GirlfriendDon’t know
Parentsdo not apply.
SiblingsBrother: N/A

Sister: N/A

Husband/Wife/Wife/HusbandAlysia Adina Adams
ChildrenDo not have
net valueDon’t know

Ivan Adams

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Some lesser known facts about Ivon

  • Ivon is 36 years old this year
  • He works as a babysitter

Q&A about the killer of a 4-year-old girl

1. Who is Ivon Adams?

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An American, residing on West Nebraska Avenue, Cyril killed a girl in his care.

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2. How old is he?

He is 36 years old.

3. What is the name and age of the girl that Adam killed?

Her name is Athena Brownfield and she is 4 years old.

4. What is Ivan’s wife’s name?

His wife’s name is Alysia Adina Adams.

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