Who Is Jess Mahoney From “Ciao House”?

Ciao House, the upcoming Food Network culinary competition, will transport ten up-and-coming chefs to Italy to compete on Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 9 pm ET. The candidates in the next culinary challenge will live and compete in a beautiful Italian villa, navigating the competition as individuals and as teams. The ultimate goal is to be the last chef standing, as one person is eliminated each week. Mahoney, an employee of Los Angeles’ Mirate, is set to compete in the next tournament.

Jess Mahoney, a Ciao House participant, used to work at a seafood restaurant.

Jess Mahoney, who works in Mirate’s Los Feliz kitchen, is one of ten contestants scheduled to take part in the culinary reality show. He began his career at Son of a Gun, a seafood restaurant, where he prepared raw scallops with gin and citrus in herb oil. The vegan skateboard butcher spoke to LA Weekly about his presence at the upcoming tournament. The Ciao House candidate said that Tuscany is similar to California in many ways. He noted that the Italian city’s geography reminded him of California, as did the city’s passion for fresh food, which he had seen many times. Jess went on to say:

“We are at the forefront of knowing where our food comes from and how the animals were treated.” Italy prefers to keep things as close to home as possible.”

Jess Mahoney

The Ciao House contestant went on to say that she was aware of the show’s status as a reality show, but that she wasn’t “one of those hot-looking-in-a-bikini types.” As a result, her goal is to amass a sizable following on social media. She said that people in her business would watch the show because she wants to be true to herself instead of just focusing on winning. Jess compared herself to a sponge and said that she hopes to learn during her time on the show.

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She went on to say that her favorite part of being on the Food Network show was meeting and working with so many different chefs. She went on to say that Americans associate Italian cuisine with “heavy bowls of carbs topped with spicy tomato sauce.” However, the program is more than that as it shows a variety of Tuscan cuisine.

More information about the program

Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabriele Bertaccini will host and judge Ciao House, which will transport the 20 finalists to Tuscany to live and cook together.

According to the show’s official press release:

“From real-life nonnas demonstrating how to make pasta from scratch to a lesson with the head butcher of a three-century-old family-owned butcher shop, each challenge is accompanied by a traditional local experience.”

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