Who Is Justin Trudeau Son? Canadian PM arrives in Delhi for G20 Summit

Below we will provide detailed information about Justin Trudeau when the public is searching for him on the internet. The public is taking to the internet to know more about him and not only that, they also want to know about the Boy Next Door when he comes to Delhi. Therefore, we have brought information about Justin Trudeau in this article to our readers. Not only that, we also provided details about the Boy Next Door when he came to Delhi as the public was searching about him on the internet. So continue reading through the article to know more.

Son of Justin Trudeau

Who is Justin Trudeau’s son?

To attend the G20 Summit in New Delhi on September 9 and 10, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to India. His son, Xavier Trudeau, who was seen beaming from the plane as it landed in the capital, also accompanied him. On September 8, Justin Trudeau, 51, and his 16-year-old son arrived in India. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister, met them at the airport. The Canadian Prime Minister and his eldest son can be seen boarding the plane and waving to those waiting for them at the airport in a video posted by ANI on X, formerly Twitter. As he followed his father, Xavier Trudeau wore a beautiful beige suit over a black T-shirt and they were greeted by officials.

Before getting in the car, Xavier and his father also stopped for a moment to observe a cultural dance. Lalit Hotel is where Justin Trudeau stayed at Connaught Place in New Delhi. Before accompanying the Canadian Prime Minister to India to attend the 18th G20 Summit, Xavier Trudeau went to two other countries. Currently on a six-day visit to the Indo-Pacific, Justin Trudeau. He began his trip on September 5 by going to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend the ASEAN Summit.

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On September 7 and 8, he paid a bilateral visit to Singapore. His visit will end on September 10 when the G20 Summit in New Delhi concludes. During his trip to all three countries, the prime minister’s father was accompanied by Xavier. 2018 saw Justin Trudeau and his family, including his wife and their three children, travel to India on a state visit. With his wife Sophie Gregoire, Justin Trudeau has three children: daughters Ella-Grace and Xavier, sons Hadrien and Xavier, and Ella-Grace. After 18 years of marriage, the couple announced their separation last month. In 2005, the two got married.

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