Who Is Khadija Shah? alleged suspect in the attack on Jinnah House

Suddenly, the Pakistani public started scouring the internet to find out who Khadija Shah was. They couldn’t contain their enthusiasm after seeing the tweet shared by Khadija Shah. Khadija Shah posted a tweet in support of Imran Khan but she also criticized Pakistanis for wasting their time in registering nationwide protests. In addition, Khadija Shah also shared her thoughts that Pakistani people used to be lazy and waste time, so they were forced to use electroplating to work more productively and effectively. This post by Khadija Shahc, made people frantically search for who Khadija Shah is. This article will tell you all the important details related to the attack on the House of Jinnah and Khadija Shah. So stick with this page and keep reading this article.

Khadija Shah

Who is Khadija Shah?

Before we start talking about Khadija Shah, let’s discuss the Jinnah House Attack. According to reports, the main accused of the Jinnah House Attack is the daughter of former Finance advisor Salman Shan, Khadija Shah. Yes, you heard it right, Khadija Shah is the main accused of the Jinnah House Attack. Scroll down the page and know more about her.

Khadija Shah is famous and loved for being Salman Shah’s daughter but she has also created her own image. She is the Creative Director and founder of Elan, a leading luxury brand in Pakistan. Khadija Shah is all set to launch and showcase a brand that focuses on providing unique, one-of-a-kind and affordable fashion for women. The brand is called Zaha. Khadija Shah is highly appreciated for her designs. She has built her reputation worldwide by continuously expanding her brand. However, Khadija Shah has also won awards for bridal wear, impeccable luxury, coveted couture, ready-to-wear, seasonal unstitched collections and several accessories made of leather. Scroll down the page and read more about her.

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Khadija Shah has a deep understanding of the local market and an eye for international fashion. Additionally, Khadija Shah is trying to revolutionize fashion in her country with her aesthetic sense and business acumen. Talking about her cryptic tweet, she wrote, “I stand in solidarity with Imran Khan but I cannot bring myself to support an hour wasted by a nation that has fallen behind standing aimlessly to register protest . A nation that is accustomed to being lazy and wasting time needs to be encouraged to become productive and efficient!”

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