Who Is Khushbu Meena? Rajasthan 10th class student death by suicide, last note goes viral

Khushbu Meena, a 15-year-old girl committed suicide after failing to score above 95% on her board. She left a suicide note. What exactly happened? You will receive complete details about the incident. Read on for more information.

Khushbu Meena

Who is Khushbu Meena?

Khushbu Meena is studying in class 10. She belongs to Dausa district, Rajasthan. She wrote a suicide note before committing suicide and mentioned her reason for giving up her life. She mentioned that she felt guilty for not being able to achieve more than 95%. She wrote that she thought she wouldn’t be able to do it but she tried the best she could. Finally, she mentioned, I love you, Mom and Dad. That message was quite touching. It makes us think about where we are taking our kids.

She mentioned in her notes that she was stressed. She was bored with her 10th grade board. The incident happened when her parents went out. Her mother went to school to pay her brother’s tuition. He is studying in fourth grade. When her mother returned from school around 11 a.m., she found her daughter hanging from the fan. Khushbu was immediately taken to the hospital. She was declared dead by doctors. It seemed like she was under some pressure to get good grades.

Khushbu Meena Death Note before committing suicide

After her father was asked about the same, he said that he and his wife had never pressured her about her grades. She is smart and a bright student. Khushbu’s father, Basram Meena was a government teacher. He teaches in Jalore, Rajasthan. He returned home after receiving this information. Khushbu’s mother fainted in the hospital. She said she never forced her daughter to study. According to her mother, she always wanted to be first in class. They were shocked after this incident. The school principal said that she was a smart student. The only thing seen in her is a lack of confidence.

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Khushbu Meena

She always lacks confidence. This could be the reason that she never shared it with anyone. The police began an investigation. Often students put pressure on themselves to get high scores. As parents or school administrators, students should be encouraged to be themselves and not put pressure on themselves. Because people are not meant to do the same things.

Note: Suicide is preventable. Please contact the emergency helpline numbers in case of emergency.

Helpline phone number: 022-27546669, 011-23389090

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