Who Is Matthew Blankinship From “Survivor” Season 44?

Survivor season 44 will debut this week, with a new group of contestants competing for the big reward and the title of “Single Survivor.” Matthew Blankinship, a Google software developer from California, is one of the candidates scheduled to wrestle in the upcoming season. He focuses on security and privacy algorithms as part of his job at Google. The debut of Survivor season 44 will air on CBS on Wednesday, March 1 at 8 pm ET.

Welcome, Matthew Blankinship, who will appear on season 44 of Survivor.

The future member of the Survivor season 44 group is 27 years old, originally from Albany and now residing in San Francisco, California. The competitor graduated in 2018 from Oberlin College with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He also worked as a school tour leader while in college. Matthew considers himself cheerful, compassionate and tenacious.

Matthew Blankinship

He began his work as a software development engineer at Amazon Lab126 for a year and a half before moving to his current role as a software developer at Google. According to Matthew, he used to inform everyone who would listen that he would be on the show one day ten years ago. While before he was afraid to apply, now he is eager to complete this unfinished business and is very excited about it. In an interview with Parade, Matthew explained that being on the show is like an emotional battle for him because he wants to prove to himself that he can do this “really difficult game.” He went on to say:

“I think when I was a child I was much more afraid of taking risks and being evaluated by others. And I think I’ve matured significantly. However, this will be the final measure of my pain tolerance.”

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According to the Survivor season 44 survivor, a lady he really loved exposed him to the show in high school. Her friend thought the show was fantastic and urged them to watch it. Matthew has watched the show daily since then and being on the show has always been one of his goals. Yul is a victor that he connects with strongly and thinks it was “amazing” to see a half-Asian guy do so well on the show. He went on to say that Yul encouraged him to be on the show because he was one of the people he saw on TV and felt reflected.

Matthew Blankinship

The Survivor season 44 survivor went on to clarify that he had to learn the hard way that things don’t always work out the first time, saying:

“It is difficult to invest so much of yourself in something. I auditioned for bands, applied to schools, and applied for jobs, all of which require a lot of yourself and a lot of optimism about how your life will turn out. You hesitate because they reject you.”

The debut of Survivor season 44 will air on Wednesday, March 1 at 8 p.m. ET.

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