Who Is Tan Chuan Jin Brother, Tan Chuan-Yuen?

Nowadays, becoming famous is quite easy. Social media platforms are playing a vital role in turning ordinary people into big stars overnight. This change has been greatly brought about by TikTok and Instagram. These platforms are the easiest way to establish a large fan base and it also helps them get great engagement. If you are creative and talented enough, no one can stop you from becoming a social media star. There are many examples around us that show that it doesn’t matter how many resources we have, but how resourceful you are.

Tan Chuan Jin

Tan Chuan Jin Who is Tan Chuan-Yuen?

And if you are creative, no one can stop you from being recognized. One such person was in the news after he posted a charming and eye-catching photo on his social media account. According to reports, a beautiful landscape photo was taken by Tan Chuan-Yuen and is currently going viral on social media. People are sharing this photo with each other and leaving thousands of comments on it. In addition, Tan Chuan-Yuen is also Tan Chuan-Jin’s older brother. The photo, taken of residential areas in Singapore against a backdrop of a bright evening sky, resonated with thousands of social media users, who quickly dropped it with likes and admiration.

Now people are thinking who is Tan Chuan-Jin, he is the Speaker of the National Assembly and GRC MP for Marine Parade. He himself proudly shared his brother’s work on his social media account and expressed his love for Singapore and its unity. Not only that, this photo also caught the eye of Ho Ching, the Prime Minister’s wife and she also shared it on her timeline, which made this photo more viral and became a trend. Interesting discussion topic. Tan Chuan’s brother is a talented and amazing photographer who is now being recognized worldwide for his work. Besides, we know that behind every great work of art is an artist with a different and unique story and Tan Chuan-Yuen’s photography is no exception.

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He has always been passionate about photography and since childhood he always thought about becoming a great photographer. He has been expressing the essence of life through his camera for many years. Tan Chuan-Yuen’s ability to portray the beauty of everyday Singapore through his camera is commendable. Singaporeans are showing their love and respect in this photo. This photo especially helped him increase the number of followers on social networks. People also showed interest in buying this painting.

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