Who Is Thomas Cashman’s Girlfriend Kayleeanne Sweeney? Olivia Pratt-Korbel killer Parents And Family

Who is Kayleeanne Sweeney, Thomas Cashman’s girlfriend? Thomas Cashman is guilty of shooting and killing 9-year-old Olivia at her residence. Read the article to learn more about the news.

Thomas Cashman

Thomas Cashman, 34, was convicted of murdering the little girl who was getting ready to go to bed with her mother when he broke into her home in Liverpool last August. Cashman murdered a little girl named Olivia, who was standing behind her mother, chasing another local criminal, 35-year-old Joseph Nee, who ran into their house after seeing the door open. The girl was killed by a bullet that passed through the door and the hands of her screaming mother, Cheryl Korbel. Let’s find out who Cashman’s girlfriend Kayleeanne Sweeney is.

Who is Thomas Cashman’s girlfriend Kayleeanne Sweeney?

Sweeney, 34, is Cashman’s girlfriend, wearing a pink outfit chosen by Olivia’s family, matching her Botox-injected face and salmon pout. She wore a pink Ted Baker coat worth 350 Euros. Olivia’s family wore pink in honor of their daughter. Pink was certainly the least attractive color Sweeney could have worn to court in the past few weeks. Since Olivia’s tragic death seven months ago, her family has been wearing pink in her memory. The nine-year-old child’s coffin was pink.

Thomas CashmanThomas Cashman’s girlfriend. (Source: Liverpool Echo)

If it’s a publicity stunt or an attempt to win people over, it’s definitely a bad move. This is a timely reminder of the financial benefits of being Cashman’s longtime partner and the mother of his children. Sweeney did not say that she regretted marrying a depraved criminal who made up to 5,000 Euros a week from drug dealing.

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Cashman was convicted of the murder he attempted to commit. But the interesting thing is that his parents were the ones who stood up to protect him. Furthermore, his family argued in court that he was innocent even if he committed a crime. In addition to his family, his girlfriend also supported him by holding his hand. Members of Cashman’s family including his sister stormed out of court, screaming and vowing to protect his innocence.

Thomas CashmanThomas Cashman. (Source: Manchester Evening News)

They repeatedly assured others that their son was not responsible for Olivia’s death. Ultimately, Olivia’s mother broke down and said she could not live with the pain of losing her child. However, she sent her sincere thanks to the police officers who have brought justice to her child over the past 7-8 months.

We know it will never bring Olivia back, but hopefully the family will have some comfort knowing the man who took their daughter is now behind bars. Thank you for your patient reading.

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