Why Does Discord Show the “Unable to Accept Invite” Error When Joining a Server?

Here’s everything you need to know about the “cannot accept invitation” error on Discord and how to fix it.

You can join a private server on Discord using the invitation link provided by the server administrator. Unless the admin customizes the invite link to never expire, it is only valid for 24 hours.


If you’re getting the “cannot accept invitation” error when you join the Discord server via an invitation link, the link may have expired or something might have gone wrong.

Here are the possible reasons behind this error and what you can do to resolve this error and join the server successfully.

What causes the “Cannot accept invitation” error on Discord?

Cannot accept invitation error when joining discord server

Discord displays an “unable to accept invitation” error when the invitation link has expired, the link has been used by the maximum allowed number of users, or the server admin has revoked it manually. You may also be unable to join the server if the Discord server is down or your device loses connection to the Internet.

Similarly, joining a Discord server where you were previously banned or attempting to join a server without an Internet connection may also prevent you from joining that server and result in an error message. After identifying the possible causes, let’s see the steps to resolve the issue and join the server of your choice.

How to fix “Cannot accept invitation” error on Discord

Here are some fixes you should apply to fix the error and join the server successfully…

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1. Look for problems with the invitation link

You will not be able to join the Discord server if the invitation link expires, the administrator revokes it, the link itself is invalid or has not been properly copied, or the link is used the maximum number of times configured to be used. To make sure that there is no problem with the invitation link, you can ask the server administrator to send you a new link.

If you’re getting the “cannot accept invitation” error when you join the server using the new link, you may have a problem with your Discord account. So you should rule that possibility out next.

2. Make sure the issue is not profile-specific

The number of Discord servers you can join from a Discord profile is limited to 100. Therefore, check if you have joined the maximum number of servers. If you already have one, leave any Discord servers you rarely use and try rejoining them.

Discord server menu with user hovering over Leave Server

Likewise, if you have been previously banned from using the same server, you will not be able to join that server. Therefore, ask a friend to join the server using the same invitation link. If they tried to join, you might have been banned.

In this case, you won’t be able to rejoin the server using the invite link until the admin unblocks you.

3. Look for problems with your Internet connection or Discord server

If you try to join a Discord server without an active Internet connection, or when the Discord server is down due to technical problems, you may get an error. So it is imperative to rule that out.

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Make sure your device is connected to the internet. If the device is connected and stable, check the Discord Status website to make sure all of the device’s systems are working correctly.

If you are no longer connected to the Internet, fix the Internet connection problem and get it working again. If Discord’s servers are down, wait for the backend issue to be resolved.

Discord server status page showing all active systems

Successfully joined the Discord server

Getting a “couldn’t join server” error when trying to join a server can be very frustrating. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of why this error occurs. If you apply the remedies listed above, you can identify the root cause, resolve the root issue, and successfully join the Discord server.

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