Why was Jaimee Neale of Below Deck Down Under demoted in Season 2?

Below Deck Down Under Season 2’s new hostess, Jaimee Neales, has been demoted from her original role.

Flight attendant Jaimee Neale hasn’t had the easiest time getting used to reality TV. She was only included in Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under because Flight Attendant Laura Bileskane was fired for sexual misconduct.

As Laura’s replacement, viewers assume that Jaimee will do whatever it takes to prove that she’s right for the rest of the cast and won’t cause any more drama. They were wrong.

Jaimee quickly begins a messy love triangle with Deckhand Culver Bradbury and chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph. Outrage from viewers led to Jaimee accusing fans of bullying her.

And now, she’s been demoted from the Season’s Second Attendant to Third. Find out why.

Why was Jaimee Neale of Below Deck Down Under demoted?

The events of Episode 13 reveal that Jaimee has been forced from his position of 2nd to 3rd Attendant.

Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott wants to give Flight Attendant Margot Sisson the chance to take on a more prominent role in the cabin crew. This means she is taking Jaimee’s place.

Jaimee seems annoyed with this role change, but it makes sense. Aesha warns Jaimee not to get involved with Culver, but she doesn’t listen and still pursues him. This decision may not be a tactical move for the sake of the crew but more like revenge for the way Jaimee treated Tzarina.

Looks like Aesha just gave Margot this test for a charter to see how she does. But who knows? She can prove herself and take Jaimee’s job permanently.

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