Wife Cheating Husband News: Man cried after wife cheating on him with another officer’

A man cried and told that he had been instructing him day and night to turn his wife into an SDM and now she was cheating on him. After his wife admitted to cheating in Uttar Pradesh, Aman’s story of true love took a tragic turn. He claimed to have worked day and night to elevate his wife to the post of Subordinate Magistrate (SDM), but now he is devastated by her alleged affair with another officer from the same state. Alok Maurya made these allegations against Jyoti Maurya, his SDM wife. According to Alok, the couple faced financial difficulties after their marriage, but he put in a lot of effort to ensure his wife could finish her studies.

News Husband is cheating

News Husband is cheating

At Prayagraj, he helped her get admitted to a prestigious coaching institution, and in 2016, with her perseverance and determination, she was able to become a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). Alok thinks that Jyoti’s success made her lose control, which led her to cheat on him with another officer. She apparently started dating another police officer. Alok fought bravely to keep his marriage alive after learning of her infidelity. Alok said that Jyoti even brought a fictitious dowry case against him, which led to his imprisonment. It is said that Alok is currently out on bail but has lost his job.

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Alok reports that despite spending years sponsoring his wife’s education and seeing her succeed in becoming an SDM, he is now unemployed, lonely and in a bad place. bad. Meanwhile, Alok said that he received death threats if he did not divorce his wife peacefully. He asserted that even the police and government were not behind him. The husband, who said he worked long and hard to elevate his wife to the position of Subordinate Magistrate (SDM), is now inconsolable as she allegedly cheated on him with an officer along with state. One Alok Maurya made these allegations against his SDM wife Jyoti Maurya.

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Since his wife began running for president, Michael Haley, the candidate’s husband of 26 years, has regularly attended his wife’s political activities. Michael and Nikki Haley of Charleston, South. The wife was educated by her husband to become an SDM but in return, she started an affair with another officer and sued him for dowry. No one was willing to help this man. At Sanchore police station, his wife Priyanka Saran filed a dowry harassment complaint against Nagaur SDM Sunil Panwar. According to Sunil Panwar’s wife (Bishnoi), she is said to be under mental torture. SDM’s wife went to the police station with her husband’s complaint, claiming that she was living with another girl. Husband and wife accused of seeking Rs. 50 thousand. Panchayati were also organized to resolve the problem at the social level, but nothing resulted. More information about this case will be released soon. So stay tuned for pkb news.

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