Will KFC change its fries in 2023?

Customers weighed in on KFC’s fries and noted that there seemed to be a change in flavor.

Fast food lovers will quickly notice when there are changes to some of their favorite menu items. Like 2023, when McDonald’s announced that they would be updating recipes for some of their most popular items, including the Big Mac.

These changes have been the cause of some controversy at times, as KFC UK created a post on X/Twitter saying “1 like and we’ll change our fries”. The post has since garnered more than 2 million views, revealing that the chain has swapped out their regular fries for the newer option.

How did KFC change their fries in 2023?

So what happened to the old fries sold at KFC? Well, the UK version of the chain has replaced them with what the chain calls ‘Signature Fries’. These come after a demand in 2018 where people lamented the loss of their beloved ‘Skinny Fries’, after the brand opted for the leather option.

However, some people may be disappointed to hear that they haven’t brought back Skinny Fries, opting instead to add seasoning to their regular fries.

A spokesperson said: “KFC’s all-new Signature Fries have been enhanced and feature a delicious blend of herbs and spices, inspired by their iconic chicken dish – the The taste is so delicious, you won’t want to take your eyes off the fries!”

Many people took to X/Twitter to comment on the situation, some were happy with the change:

“Thank God. Please, I can’t wait for the beautiful, sharp CHIPS.”

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However, some people were not satisfied, saying: “Take some overdose of salt out of the chicken and put it in the fries and you will be a winner.”

Another called on the chain to “Change them back.”

A series of comments after the post prompted KFC to respond. They made a post on X/Twitter the next day saying: ‘We changed the fries, what more do you want? Free food?’

One person said: “Yes, for your seasoned fries.”

However, another commenter seconded KFC’s offer of free food, saying “I mean if you’re offering guv’nor.”

The admin replied, “Go ahead Oliver, get yourself some free Seasoned Fries on the app until October 13th.”

Whenever people take a stand on the french fries debacle, everyone appreciates KFC’s social media response, saying “I want your job.”

KFC replied: “There can only be one administrator.”

Fans can learn more about Signature Fries on the KFC site.

McDonald’s has announced an exciting menu change in Germany, as they announced the release of their new Pizza Pockets.

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