Will MrBeast get caught flying economy class? Fans were shocked to discover the same person on the plane

MrBeast fans were shocked after spotting the YouTube star’s likeness appearing to be flying in economy class.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is YouTube’s most subscribed independent content creator after beating PewDiePie’s long-term subscriber count late last year.

It’s no secret that, thanks to his online fame, MrBeast is making a lot of money. This YouTuber has opened up about his financial situation in the past and said that he has actually lost money on his big-budget videos.

Despite this loss, MrBeast is still thriving, boasting an estimated net worth of $54 million as of 2021 thanks to multiple business ventures such as Festivals and merchandise, in addition to sponsorship and AdSense contracts.

Instagram: partyMrBeast is one of YouTube’s top stars – so fans were confused when they found a guy who looked like him flying in economy class.

That’s why fans feel confused when they see the star in a place they don’t expect.

MrBeast’s lookalike goes viral after being spotted flying economy class

On September 14, a photo began circulating on social media showing a person who looked very similar to MrBeast sleeping on a plane. The caption kept saying they saw the guy in economy class – and fans were shocked that at least he wasn’t flying in business class.

“Dude, what the hell [is] What is MrBeast doing in the economy? streaming platform Kick said on X (formerly Twitter).

“Pray and help the poor with airpod!” one user replied as a joke.

Still others think the YouTuber is simply “humble” and “down-to-earth” — but others aren’t so sure that the person in the photo is actually him.

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To date, MrBeast himself has not responded to the situation, but this is not the first time a popular YouTuber has convinced fans that they have done something outrageous recently.

Earlier this week, a ringer for YouTube star Markiplier was caught doing some WWE moves on a man in the middle of the street due to a traffic dispute, fooling his already very excited online fans. impressed with the guy’s obvious fighting ability.

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