Woman arrested for panicking on Spirit Airlines flight

Published: 2024-04-02T21:47:16 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-02T21:47:30

A woman is going viral after being arrested on a Spirit Airlines flight in a horrifying incident that is causing a storm on social media.

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight were left stunned after a woman started screaming in an episode that went viral on TikTok.

In a video posted on March 23, the woman can be seen being handcuffed by three police officers as she screams in front of a plane full of stunned onlookers.

“Let go of this!” she shouted “Can I do it freely? All I care about is freedom.”

“You are under arrest,” one of the officers informed her.

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“It’s good now!” she replies. “I’ve been there before. I do not scare. I’ve been there before! These damn things are hurting my elbows! He’s hurting my wrist. You’re hurting me, sheriff.”

The woman then began screaming and appeared to rush toward the officers, who pushed her down into her seat on the plane.

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The TikToker uploaded two more videos of the incident, one of which shows the woman saying her ankle hurt because her nephew ‘passed her’ during a basketball game and called Another passenger was a “fat b*tch.”

In the final video of the altercation, passengers said they saw the woman hit one of the officers. “This is ridiculous,” a flyer might say.

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“I don’t want to go to jail, you fat bitch,” the woman tells an officer before the clip cuts out.

The TikTok user who uploaded the story claimed all passengers had to get off the plane so law enforcement could arrest her. So far, no further information has been provided about the ordeal – but commenters expressed disbelief and pity for the woman, who some believe may be suffering a mental health crisis.

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“This is really sad,” one viewer wrote.

“People laughing and filming while someone else is having a mental health crisis,” another commented. “This is not funny at all, it’s sad.”

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This is not the first plane crash that has caused a storm on social networks. In 2023, a woman went viral after claiming that one of the passengers traveling with her was “not real” in a moment that took over the Internet for weeks.

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