Woman causes panic after claiming Lysol wipes contain cancer-causing chemicals

A woman has caused panic on TikTok after claiming that Lysol wipes may contain cancer-causing chemicals – but is this true? Here’s what we found.

Lysol and Clorox disinfecting wipes are popular cleaning products that make cleaning up spills and stains easier and often more effective than using wet wipes.

Despite their popularity as household cleaners, one woman is scaring consumers after claiming that Lysol wipes may contain cancer-causing chemicals.

TikTok user ‘Teaghan’ is going viral on TikTok after her statements about popular products sparked concerns from people who use Lysol wipes in their daily lives.

YouTube: Lysol wipesLysol is a popular household cleaning product.

Are you using Lysol wipes correctly? Viral TikTok causes panic

In a video posted on February 8, Teaghan stated that people should not ‘rough up’ their Lysol wipes. Instead, she says they should use gloves when handling wipes because they can contain dangerous chemicals.

“Yeah, so you all know you’re not supposed to rough up those Lysol wipes, right?” she speaks. “You must wear gloves. Your body is absorbing those chemicals. We will all get cancer.”

Teaghan’s video went viral, racking up nearly a million views in just one day as commenters flocked in, alarmed to realize that most of them had never worn gloves when using the wipes.

“No one told me anything!” one user wrote.

“Between them and microwaved cups of ramen, it’s bound to happen,” another joked.

However, another person pointed out that the actors in the Lysol commercial were not wearing gloves when they used the wipes – something experts say is required for safety purposes.

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According to Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, it’s important to distinguish between wipes intended for surfaces and wipes intended for hands.

He said in an interview with Today that wipes designed to clean surfaces can be “harmful” to the skin, so it’s important to wear gloves and wash hands after using these products. there.

But do Lysol wipes really contain cancer-causing chemicals? Research from Michigan State University found that such wipes contain a chemical compound called ‘quaternary ammonium compounds’, which have been linked to “serious health problems” such as birth defects , asthma, infertility, etc., can also lead to antibiotic resistance. pathogens.

Based on the available evidence, commenters agree that it may be a good idea to wear gloves when using Lysol wipes in the future… but there are also many who happily accept their fate and will continue to use Lysol wipes as usual.

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