Woman’s $30 Budget Costco Birthday Leaves Onlookers Obsessed

One woman took to TikTok to share how she created a cheap birthday party at Costco for under $30 and people were amazed.

In a video that garnered more than two million views on TikTok, one thrifty shopper shared how she celebrated her birthday this year by buying all the anniversary items from Costco.

The famous blogger, who regularly posts beauty and lifestyle content on her channel, invited six family members to accompany her to the store to pick out items.

“It’s my birthday and I’m having my birthday dinner at Costco,” she said, looking excitedly into the camera.

“This will be the cheapest birthday dinner ever,” she declared. She and her group ordered five hot dogs, a grilled chicken, a chicken Caesar salad, a cheese pizza and soft drinks, for a total bill of $30.88.

Workers arranged a table for Madison and even brought her a free birthday cake.

TikTok considers a $30 birthday budget

The video has garnered a lot of attention, with commenters weighing in on the TikTok star’s low-key birthday meal.

Many people were extremely excited about Madison’s experience and stated, “If Costco had a party room, it would be consistently sold out. This is a great idea.”

Another shared: “My kid has chosen Costco for the past 3 years for his birthday dinner! He is 4 years old.”

Some were moved by the simplicity of the meal: “Great reminder that life doesn’t have to be complicated!!! Happy late birthday.”

One user even went so far as to say they wanted their wedding to be at costco: “People think I’m crazy but I love a Costco wedding… (I would ask every customer to buy mine something from my Costco) online wish list.”

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Costco isn’t the only store making waves, as Walmart’s hot deli counter has become a TikTok sensation.

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