‘Woodstock ’99: Peace, Love, and Rage’ Documentary Coming to HBO

If documentaries about the scandal and more recently Fyre Festival aren’t enough for you, HBO is bringing in the big guns with Woodstock ’99: Peace, Love and Rage. “This is not your parents’ Woodstock,” one of the billboards in the trailer said, and that was an understatement.

Woodstock ’99, a documentary produced under the Bill Simmons Music Box banner, exposes the deep, dark and twisted undertones of the 1999 Woodstock revival. This is a large-scale music festival the second largest attempted to emulate the original Woodstock from 1969, but somewhere along the way, it lost all “peace” and “love,” turning completely into “rage.” You can watch the trailer and read the documentary’s official synopsis below:

How did an iconic celebration of harmony descend into chaos? Woodstock 99, the first film in Bill Simmons’s HBO Music Box series, examines how the festival collapsed under the weight of its own misguided ambitions. The HBO original documentary premieres July 23 on HBOMax.

While the festival seemed to be off to a good start with over 400,000 people attending to see the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, Megadeth and Red Hot Chili Peppers, it soon turned a dark period as it should have been. What was supposed to be a peaceful, enjoyable music festival became an uncontrollable war zone, including multiple sexual assaults, rape allegations, looting, vandalism, and out-of-control fires. , etc., making Woodstock 1999 infamous and unique among music festivals.

Woodstock ’99: Peace, Love and Rage is scheduled to premiere July 23 on HBOMax.

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