WWE Superstar Grayson Waller responded after Joey Swoll’s call

Published: 2024-04-02T05:51:49 ❘ Updated: 2024-04-02T05:52:01

Joey Swoll and WWE Superstar Grayson Waller had a metaphorical altercation after Swole criticized Waller for his gym rituals.

Self-proclaimed CEO of Active Fitness Joey Swoll is no stranger to calling people out on bad behavior in the gym. He recently set his sights on WWE Superstars Grayson Waller and Austin Theory.

After calling out two professional wrestlers in a viral video, the Swoll Army mocked the WWE Superstars. Waller, who has recently been cozying up to Logan Paul, is no stranger to verbal spats and clapped back. Joey Swell and his fans.

Fans of both went back and forth on X when they both went public. However, it’s possible that this whole thing is a work of art.

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The whole thing started with a TikTok from Swoll seemingly berating Waller and Theory about their behavior while filming at a gym. Of course, Swoll challenged Theory to a wrestling match so chances are, it’s just a viral marketing move for the upcoming WrestleMania 40 or even an actual upcoming match.

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Waller gave his own answer favors his tag team partner and on-screen best friend. Calling Swoll a “huge loser” is, for those who don’t speak Australian, the equivalent of being called a loser.

The WWE superstar even posted his own videos to X rang Swoll and his fan base. Alleging that he had received some hateful direct messages, Waller took some photos.

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“For a group of people who worship you (Joey Swoll) as a gym guy, your fans are a bunch of fat, ugly losers,” Waller quipped. “Maybe your fans should spend more time reading than pretending to go to the gym.”

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Waller is famous for his incorrigible on-air personality and his job is to make people angry so most of the commentators accept that.

It may be too late for a WrestleMania spot, but we could see Joey Swoll enter the ring with Theory or Waller at some point.

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