Xem phim Đôi Mắt Thần Kỳ full trọn bộ 3 tập Vietsub thuyết Minh (2023)

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Information about the movie Magic Eyes

Magic Eyes

The movie Magic Eyes is a Chinese film that exploits the theme of science fiction with humorous elements, officially premiered in 2023. The film has 3 episodes, telling about the life experiences of a young man. The man who possesses the superpower of magical eyes allows him to inspect everything.

Synopsis of the movie Magic Eyes full

The movie “Miracle Eyes” is about an ordinary guy who suddenly discovers that he has special eyes, capable of seeing through everything. At first, he felt bewildered and scared by this possibility, but then he accepted and began to enjoy the exciting experiences that magical eyes brought.

He decided to use his ability to help others and face various problems in life. However, these special abilities also bring about comedic and disruptive situations, making his life all the more messy.

Watch the movie Magic Eyes

In the process of using his ability, the protagonist discovers secrets regarding the origin of the magical eyes. He was faced with an enemy who wanted to capture these special eyes. With the help of friends and family, the main character must fight to protect his special ability and fight the bad guys.

Finally, after many trials and tribulations, the main character succeeds in protecting his special ability and defeats the enemy. He realizes the value of friendship, love, and responsibility when using the special ability that magical eyes bring.

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The movie “Miracle Eyes” is a wonderful story of self-discovery and growth. It is also a reminder of the proper and responsible use of special abilities. The main character has learned that friendship and love are important values ​​in life, and these values ​​can help him overcome any obstacles and challenges.

Besides, through the main character’s story, the film also emphasizes the importance of work over difficulties and finding ways to overcome them. Funny and disruptive stories also bring you moments of interesting entertainment.

“Miracle Eyes” is a colorful and engaging movie that offers a false void of various emotions. Through this story, we can also learn many valuable lessons, helping us to grow and develop ourselves. With beautiful scenes and great acting by the cast, “Miracle Eyes” will definitely be a movie worth watching and to recreate the symbol deeply in the heart of the fake.

Comments on members participating in the movie Magic Eyes

The movie “Miracle Eyes” has the participation of famous actors such as Ly Dich Phong, Duong Yen, Luu Gia Linh and Luu Thien Huong. Each member has actively contributed to the success of the series with their diverse forums and publishing talent.

  • Ly Dich Phong Played the role of an ordinary guy with special eyes with naturalness and humour. He has the ability to make connections with fake abilities through his character’s natural and endearing forum. With delicate acting, Ly Dich Phong has brought his character maturity and storied mysterious spirit.
  • Yen Street took on the female lead role in the film and was able to create many forms of her forum. She is often known for her charms and varied appearances. In this role, Duong Yen is able to bring uniqueness and radiance to the character, and at the same time, well portrays the emotional and humorous aspects of the character. With emotional acting, Duong Yen has created a strong, lovable and attractive female character.
  • Lau Gia Linh is often appreciated for its automatic appearance and variety of roles. He has the ability to create funny and original entertainment moments in the film, and can show the friendliness and empathy of the character. With a flair for acting, Lau has faithfully reincarnated his character and created a character that is lovable, funny, and full of life.
  • Luu Thien Huong, a promising young actor, has shown his acting talent through his role in the movie. She has the ability to create lovable and youthful characters, while bringing laughter and emotion to the fantasy. With a forum that appears full of emotion and sophistication, Luu Thien Huong has created an easy, delicate and romantic feminine character.
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In total, the actors in the movie “Miracle Eyes” have shown their talents and actively contributed to the success of the film. The harmony between the forums and their diverse representations make up a story with outstanding aspects of humor and Fantasy. The film has attracted the attention of the audience and left a deep symbol in the hearts of viewers.

full magic eyes

How does the audience evaluate the Chinese movie Magic Eyes?

Many viewers After watching the Chinese film Magic Eyes, left the following comments about the film:

– The Chinese movie Miracle Eyes has a poisonous drama, the plot revolves around the work of using the ability to help others to spread the inherent humanity of life.

– The film Miracle Eyes is biased towards the fantasy element of special human abilities, but it is not as dry as boring, but always knows how to knit funny episodes to help viewers feel happier when watch a movie.

– The film not only exploits a one-way perspective but also builds a character line with bad intentions to help the film return. More exciting, helping viewers understand that there are always good and bad sides and in the end, the good will always win and survive in time.

Watch the movie Magic Eyes full set of 3 Voiceovers

See movie Magic Eyes full set of 3 episodes in the videos below. Have fun watching the movie:

Watch Miracle Eyes episode 1 full Voiceover

Watch the movie Magic Eyes episode 1 full in the video below:

Watch Miracle Eyes episode 2 full Voiceover

Watch the movie Magic Eyes episode 2 full in the video below:

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Watch Miracle Eyes episode 3 full Voiceover

Watch the movie Magic Eyes episode 3 full in the video below:

Summary of watching the movie Magic Eyes full

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