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The movie “Niu Lang Than Mat” is an award-worthy electronic product that cannot be missed. With a combination of a romantic love fairy tale plot, excellent acting, beautiful visuals, rich Chinese music and engrossing plot. The film brings a captivating magical space and conveys deep emotional and imaginative experiences.

Review introducing the movie Niu Lang Than Mat in detail

1. Summary of the main content of the movie Niu Lang Than Mat

The movie “Nuu Lang Than Mat” is an attractive and dramatic film. The story revolves around a girl who decides to get justice from a man. She asked him to pay her all 4 months’ salary, because 6 years ago, she accidentally got pregnant with him after understanding the troubles of being a prostitute and lost everything. In the movie, the girl uses this opportunity to make regular compensation for the difficult times she has gone through.

When she met him again, he asked her how much money she made in one night. The girl only asked for a small amount of money, while Mr. Doi demanded 5,000 yuan every day. Because the girl was drunk at the previous meeting, she did not recognize him until she saw the tattoo on his body. She threatened that if he wasn’t careful he wouldn’t be able to work there again. Finally, the two agreed to a contract and he agreed to repay her debt.

Then the girl gave him today’s salary and they went shopping together. On the way, they met a group of people who intended to attack and rob him of money. With his assurance and fighting ability, they escape the dangerous situation. The girl was emotional and appreciative for his protection and help. She bought supplements and cared about his health.

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During work, the girl was criticized for coming. Criticism and negative views from her colleagues made her feel increasing pressure. However, what is worth noting is that the CEO – a powerful person in the company – made a special request for her.

From now on, the general asked the girl to take responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool. He emphasized this with a cold voice and warned that if she did not have a defense, he would deduct her salary. At first, the girl understood that this was a punishment, but later, she realized that this was also an opportunity for her to prove her ability and determination. Even though she saw the protocol, the girl decided to complete the assigned work.

With a strong will, the girl started cleaning the swimming pool. The pump resonates with a noisy sound, the collected water is sucked out and replaced with clean water. Girls make an effort to complete work on schedule and avoid being slutty on time.

While the girl focused on her task, the CEO appeared next to the swimming pool. His sudden appearance surprised and confused the girl. However, the president’s presence did not bring as strong a feeling as she had imagined. He gently reminded her to change into dry clothes immediately to avoid catching a cold and not affecting her health.

The girl felt surprised by the president’s sincere concern. Before, she thought he just wanted to punish her for problematic mistakes. But the actions and words of the president this time made her realize that she had misjudged him.

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The girl thought that the CEO was just a difficult, difficult person and had no problems. But now, she has found a new side of the president. Her heart spread warmth when she felt the humanity in the president’s reminders. His eyes were no longer cold like before, but showed concern and care. The girl felt sincere affection from the president and a warm feeling spread in her heart.

When she looked around, the girl realized that she was not the only one being criticized in the company. Many others have also experienced the challenges and pressures of total assets. This inspired her, as she realized that there was no need to face those difficulties alone.

During the next period, the girl completed the work quickly and efficiently. She not only cleans the pool but also replaces the water, to ensure everyone enjoys a clean and fresh pool. Her work was done excellently, and she was proud of the results.

Returning to the office, the girl could not think about the change in the way she viewed her total assets. She realized that despite the difficulties and challenges, total wealth is not simply a problem solver and fastidious person. He also cares and knows how to take care of those around him. The girl discovered a new and warm side of the president, and that made her feel grateful and appreciative of him.

2. Unforgettable impressive highlights of the movie Nguu Lang Than Mat

The movie “Niu Lang Than Mat” makes a strong impression thanks to the following points:

  • Romantic fairy tale plot: The film is inspired by the legend of Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu, two people who loved each other but were separated by the division between Heaven and Earth. The plot is highly imaginative and creates an emotional romantic atmosphere.
  • Excellent: The talented orchestra actors, especially Lam Canh Tan and Duong Yen, excellently expressed the beautiful and touching love between the two main characters.
  • Beautiful images and special effects: The film brings a wonderful fantasy world with beautiful scenes and wonderful images. Special effects and bright colors create a unique and enchanting space
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Reviews and movie reviews of a must-see series that cannot be missed

“Niu Lang Than Mat” is a commendable film, leaving a strong impression with the fairy tale about Niu Lang and Zhi Nu, who are cut by the Milky Way River and only meet once a year on Valentine’s Day. Evocation.

The excellent acting of Lam Canh Tan and Duong Yen is a notable point in the film. They emotionally and realistically realized the characters, creating memorable moments of tension relief.

The images in the film are beautiful and sophisticated. From idyllic countryside to majestic palaces and the flashing Milky Way River, every scene creates an enchanting and captivating magical space with clever use of color and light.

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