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“Picking Up a Hundred Billion in Wealth” is a fascinating and emotional work, telling the tragic journey of a rich girl who was harmed and turned into a street sweeper. But when she meets a kind homeless person, her life changes gradually. Together they overcame difficulties and discovered love and work in the dark world.

This film brings a message about human love and the power to change fate.

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“Picking Up a Hundred Billion Billion” is a dramatic and touching film about the life of a rich girl and the unexpected changes in her fate.

The female lead in the movie is a rich girl, born and raised in a wealthy and classy family. But her life is turned upside down when she becomes the victim of a dark plot. She was harmed and forced to work as a street sweeper, losing all her previous comforts and luxuries.

But hardship doesn’t last forever. While she was thinking about the uncertain future, a homeless person appeared and became a hero to save her from a dangerous situation. This person is named Ha Nam Hy, a person who has no family or property, but possesses a kind and respectful heart. Ha Nam Hy decided to help and live with her.

During their journey, she meets her mother again and discovers horrifying secrets related to her death. Her mother, whom she had not seen for a long time, was actually a representative of a large corporation, Ha Thi Group, with great power and influence in society. But this fact does not reduce Ha Nam Hy’s love and care for her.

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The love between Ha Nam Hy and her rich daughter gradually blossoms and becomes a special relationship. Even though they encounter many difficulties and challenges in life, their love is always strong.

In an important meeting, a person put stimulants in Xia Nanxi’s cocktail, and he did not know about this. But fortunately, the rich daughter realized the danger and responded in time to save him. She replaced the alcohol in the Ha Nam Hy acid and avoided a supporting solution.

These difficult problems only make the love between Ha Nam Hy and her rich daughter become more certain. They have overcome all challenges together and become a true couple.

With the consensus and dedication of each other, Ha Nam Hy and her rich daughter stood up against evil and greed in society. They found evidence of plots and nefarious actions of the old community and gangsters. By working through the justice and justice system, both are brought to justice for themselves and for those caught in noise and oppression.

In the end, Ha Nam Hy and the rich girl built a bright and happy future together. They established a militant training camp to help those in need and change society. With their love and connection, they become a couple that not only changes their own lives but also positively affects many others around them.

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