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“Regal Prestige” is a romantic comedy film with a story revolving around the tumultuous life of Van Dinh Son. He accidentally became a king of humor in everyone’s eyes, making his life messy and full of laughter.

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The movie “Regal Prestige” tells the story of Van Dinh Son, who owns a large fortune recorded in his red book. Among these gifts, there is a special gift of 135 diamond rings worth 160,000 million VND. Van Dinh Son is confident that his lover, Co Co Phuong Cau Hoang Dai Ha Quoc Bao, will consider it a gift just for him. However, he received a notice that the gift would be given to Co Co Phuong’s cousin, who was actually his mother-in-law in need of capital.

After this incident, Co Co Phuong’s next date came and proposed to her with precious items. The mother-in-law’s attitude also changed and she apologized to her son-in-law. However, Van Dinh Son’s father disagreed and said he had long recognized that Long Phuong was his son-in-law. He did not care about the rituals and thought that the family did not need evidence from Van Dinh Son.

During the argument, Truong Gia, a member of the Black Dragon merchant guild, appeared and caused trouble. He was invited to a luxury hotel and received in a VIP room. Truong Gia proposed to help Van Dinh Son solve his debt problem. However, Van Dinh Son did not believe him and thought Truong Gia was a fake actor. In the end, Van Dinh Son, Truong Gia and Te Trac Nguyen were sent to two floors to solve the problem.

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