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“Movie Love You From The Stomach” is an emotional movie based on the famous novel “Manual User Manual”. The film revolves around the charming relationship between the talented general Lo Tan and the talented female chef Co Thang Nam. At first, they and the competition, but gradually they discover the special difference and irresistible attraction of the other.

By blending love and food, the film creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. A wonderful combination of sharp production and a sense of humour has resulted in a compelling work that scores points for prosthetic adoration.

The main content of the movie Love You From the Stomach

“Love You From The Stomach” is a love-filled work of love, based on the novel “Manual User Manual” by Lam Bach Sac. The film recreates an attractive relationship between the general manager Lo Tan and female chef Co Thang Nam. With a past of painful love, Co Thang Nam is strong after unemployment. Meanwhile, Lo Tan – the total talent is full of quality and unpredictable.

Although starting with friction, they gradually feel the uniqueness and charm of the other. By combining love and food, the film creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. With great cooking talent, Co Thang Nam creates memorable and joyful moments, softening difficulties in life.

Their shared journey gradually opened up to a deeper understanding of each other, helping Lo Tan change from a talented general to a warm and sincere companion.

The classiness of Lam Vu Than and Trieu Lo Tu, the main couple, bring brightness and humor to the film. Combining emotions and cuisine opens a multi-dimensional world, creating unique and interesting for “Love You From the Stomach”.

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The positive feedback from the fakes proves the sweet and engaging sentiment of the story, the forum’s quality production, and the unique combination of love and food. “Love You From The Stomach” is a deeply romantic work that is sure to reach the hearts of the listeners.

Reviews and reviews of favorite movies from the stomach

“Dating In The Kitchen” (Dating In The Kitchen) is a remarkable work in the romance film genre. The film captivates viewers with its delicate and emotional plot, recreating a sweet and humorous love affair between the two main characters.

The plot of the film is built in a logical way, combining love and food, creating a toxic romantic space. The process of interaction between Lo Tan and Co Thang Nam, from the initial collision to the gradual increase in feelings and love, gives the audience many mixed emotions.

The acting of Lam Vu Than and Trieu Lo Tu, the main couple, is the highlight of the film. They created a nice harmony between the argumentative personalities of the two characters, bringing humor and touching. The blend of sentimental and culinary has created moments of deep color and memorable.

In addition, the film is able to show the complexity and depth of people through those issues, decisions and emotions of the character. This makes the story realistic and accessible.

However, one may notice that the film uses some media elements in the genre of situational language, but still maintains freshness and creativity in a realistic way.

Overall, “Love You From the Stomach” is a lyric work that brings touching, humor and romance. With a gripping plot, stellar performance, and exquisite culinary fusion, this film is worth exploring and accolades.

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