xQc announced he is suing Adept to get his $300k McLaren back

xQc revealed he is in the process of suing his ex-girlfriend Adept in hopes of getting his $300,000 McLaren back.

Popular streamer xQc has been thrust into the public eye for his tumultuous relationship with Adept, with the pair’s messy breakup leading to a trial and many serious allegations being made between the pair.

Besides the sexual assault allegations, xQc also lost his McLaren 720s Spider. The car, worth more than $300,000, was kept by Adept, with xQc claiming that his ex-girlfriend used her ownership of the McLaren as a “manipulation tactic.”

However, it seems xQc is looking to get it back, revealing during a Kick broadcast that he is suing Adept after she allegedly resold the car illegally.

(Thread starts at 19:45)

During a joint broadcast on his Kick channel with content creators Adin Ross, DJ Akademiks and YourRage, xQc opened up about the situation when asked if he would buy his “supercar” back. or not.

“No, it’s gone,” the streamer replied. “I wouldn’t buy that again, hell no.”

When YourRage asked what happened, xQc revealed, “[Adept] decided to sell it when she shouldn’t have been allowed to. Yes, she is crazy.”

DJ Akademiks added: “The judge said no one was allowed to touch it and then she sold it. “That is illegal.”

Clearly shocked, YourRage asked where the money from the sale went, and xQc said, “I won’t talk about where the money is, but it’s obviously not in my pocket, tell you.” know that.”

xQc went on to reveal that he is suing Adept over the debacle, but the lawsuit “will take several months.”

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At this time, it is unclear the exact details of the lawsuit and how Adept has or will respond to the allegations. She has yet to make a public statement on the situation, although we’ll be sure to update with any further news in this area.

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