xQc calls on ExtraEmily to rank her partners in bed

xQc called on ExtraEmily to rank her partners in bed in a detailed spreadsheet, labeling the act “weird”.

When it comes to streamers and their lives outside of work, especially if it involves their sexual orientation, most don’t reveal much information about it to their audiences.

However, ExtraEmily hasn’t been shy about sharing details about her life with fans, such as shocking the internet about her hygiene habits and not using deodorant.

Adding to her list of personal information, Emily just revealed how she keeps a detailed spreadsheet of the partners she has slept with, ranking them in several categories like size and performance. She then showed it off to other streamers, sending the internet into a tizzy, forcing even xQc to react.

Unsurprisingly, many viewers found it odd, and one of them, xQc himself, called it “weird.”

“I don’t think it’s weird if it’s encrypted on your phone or something like that so no one can get it, but showing it to other people is definitely weird,” xQc said of Emily shows it off.

He explained that the act of creating the spreadsheet was not strange but showing it off to others made him uncomfortable.

“How you decide to quantify or store your memories, whether it’s images, stories or whatever, that’s completely fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. If she decides to do it to remember, there could be a million reasons, I wouldn’t hate it.

.ut to let others see is definitely strange. I think it’s extremely strange.” Even xQc pointed out that if the roles were reversed, that would be “damn weird.”

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“What if I had a spreadsheet of the girls I’ve dated, their performances, like shapes and positions on things, and damn lightbulbs and everything in between it and stuff like that, it’s just fucking weird.

“Like oh yeah, that’s a battle scar minus, like that’s super delicious pepperoni, like what the heck. Like a grip-level reaper.”

Needless to say, xQc didn’t find Emily spreading her detailed spreadsheet amusing.

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