xQc mortified upon remembering he agreed to present at this year’s Streamy Awards

xQc was left mortified mid-stream after he remembered he agreed to be a presenter at this year’s Streamy Awards, an event he seemingly forgot all about. 

xQc is quite infamous for dropping out of events he has agreed on. Be it the controversy that brewed in 2022 when he dropped out of Shitcamp 2022, or when he was a no-show at Ludwig’s Chess Boxing event, he no doubt has a history of last-minute shakeups. 

And with 2023’s long list of streamer events, xQc was bound to be in a few of them, with a notable one being the annual Streamy Awards. 

xQc was announced on August 22 as a presenter for 2023’s iteration of the award ceremony, of which he completely forgot about. 

While watching Gamescom during his August 22 stream, it was clear he wasn’t paying attention to the presentation as something on his other monitor confused him. It turns out it was the Streamy Award’s tweet announcing xQc as one of their presenters.

“Wait, I’m presenting an award?” he said, showing his stream the tweet, looking mortified while doing so. 

“Bro, it must’ve been, like, I said yes at like 5AM before going to bed and I forgot.” He went on to ask his chat when the awards ceremony is, of which his chat took the opportunity to troll him by telling him it was in five minutes. 

Looking perplexed, xQc checked when it actually takes place and was further mortified to learn it was this coming Sunday, August 27.

As for if xQc will be making it, he confirmed that he can indeed rock up in time. But anyone aware of xQc’s history with events would know it isn’t exactly concrete until he’s there on stage.

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