xQc opens up about buying a new car after “losing” his $350,000 McLaren

Online TV star xQc has revealed his plans to buy a new car after “losing” his McLaren 720s Spider worth $300,000 to his ex-girlfriend Adept.

xQc is one of the biggest streamers in the world and his huge success has allowed him to cash in on some luxury purchases.

Despite not even knowing how to drive, the 27-year-old is still the owner of several high-end vehicles, notably splashing the cash and buying a $300k McLaren 720s Spider in 2021 and a brand new BMW X6M recently.

However, after “unofficially marrying” his ex-girlfriend Adept in 2020, the $300k McLaren was actually registered under her ownership and has yet to be returned to him since they separated.

While claiming Adept used it to ‘manipulate’ him, the situation with his car became a topic of discussion in his community. Now, with plans to buy a new car, xQc has opened up and explained why he won’t reveal it to fans when it comes to it.

xQc revealed plans to buy new cars

During a recent livestream on September 16, a fan asked Juicer which car he would buy, where he stated he wouldn’t reveal much.

“I’m buying one, but I probably won’t share it because I think it makes people uncomfortable for some reason,” he said. “When I bought the McLaren, it was important for me to own something, right?

“No one seems to care much about it because they already understand it. I think the stream has grown in size a lot since then and a lot of people don’t really remember what it was like back then.”

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He continued: “They don’t remember where I came from with that and they think it’s just a flex or whatever, and then a lot of people make fun of me a lot for like losing my car or whatever. something, even though it’s not lost, people often tease me for liking to lose it.”

xQc added: “And now people think I’m trying to escape these thoughts and patterns. Like everyone gets so caught up in the fact that they think it’s like a bend or something bad.”

While it’s unclear what car he’ll buy, it seems like xQc is interested in buying a Lamborghini.

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