xQc responds to Nadia’s defense of Pokimane amid backlash over cookie pricing

Kick star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has weighed in on Twitch streamer Pokimane’s ongoing fallout by taking aim at Nadia’s comments about the controversy.

Pokimane’s launch of Myna Snacks cookies has been hit hard, with the streamer coming under fire due to the product’s price and its similarities to another item found at Costco.

Although Pokimane and a Myna spokesperson have stated that the cookie’s recipe is unique and not a “shipped product”, the debate over pricing continues, even with the streamer This thread even jokingly mocked that “broke” fans were upset about having to pay $7 per bag.

After Pokimane The comment went viral and the backlash was widespread, with some streamers, such as Nadia, defending the Twitch icon, claiming she was being targeted due to sexism. This did not sit well with xQc, who disputed the claims.

xQc criticizes Nadia’s defense of Pokimane’s cookie controversy

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Nadia shared a video of Pokimane saying, “if you’re a poor boy, say so” in response to a burning cookie question.

Nadia accused those upset with Pokimane of not speaking up about male streamers like N3on and Sneako when they were caught up in controversy.

“When a girl sells cookies, that’s when you want to speak up, right? The massive hatred towards women on the Internet is unfounded,” the Call of Duty streamer commented. “This is why there is a threshold for women, yes we are more visible to the public, but reaching the top is almost impossible. The standards set for us are very harsh. However, those at the top can say/do anything without any consequences.”

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As Nadia’s popularity spread throughout X, it attracted the attention of xQcwho responded to her comments sarcastically.

“That’s right Nadia, it’s the hatred of women that makes the cookies command a high price,” the French Canadian shot back. “Coincidentally, it is the hatred of women that causes people to live paycheck to paycheck and not be able to afford luxury items. There is no valid criticism here, tell the queen.”

To date, neither Nadia nor Pokimane have addressed xQc’s comments, but the cookie seller has indicated plans to consider reducing the price of Myna Snacks following the backlash to make them as affordable as possible can.

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