xQc takes on TikTok trolls in an IRL stream in London

xQx was live on IRL when a Tikok troll stopped him and kicked him out for allegedly “Pruning”, which is not a real word, red light.

xQc live-streamed his experience in London IRL on his Twitch account as he prepared for the Sidemen charity match.

He is playing in the upcoming 2023 Sidemen charity match as a goalkeeper and has been touring the streets of the UK capital. But things took a scary turn for the world-famous streamer after a troll argued with him and his friends while pretending to be London’s “east to west trimmer”.

xQc and TikTok Troll argue on the streets of London

In the clip, a man randomly stops xQx, rests his arm on the bike and chases xQc and his friend Zoil away for violating the mysterious “trimming” road law.

xQc appeared confused when the man told him and Zoil, “you two are reducing the red light.”

“I didn’t see it,” xQc replied bewildered. “I’m a tourist, I don’t see red lights.”

The TikTok trolling hasn’t stopped. “You’re shrinking the roads from east to west.”

Zoil and xQc joked about the whole situation as the man refused to get out of his way, saying the interaction was a “can’t-miss conversation.”

But after 7 minutes of being held back by the troll, xQc was fed up with this troll and told Zoil: “Let’s go drink beer and then go home.”

xQc fans turn “trimming” into a meme

Even though their favorite streamer is fed up and upset by the situation, xQc’s streaming fans still find humor in the situation.

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“He handled it very well, the trimming was a well-timed event and many failed in his duties like zoil.”

“It was great to see xQc manage to get a strong finish to the Trimmalizer Quest Series in his first attempt at the London level.”

xQc will soon compete in the annual Sidemen charity match featuring some of the world’s most famous social media icons – like Chunks, JiDion, Kai Cenat and of course xQc himself.

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