Youngest YouTuber In Kerala Crossed 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Here we will share an interesting and wonderful program. This news is spreading online and is receiving everyone’s attention. First Youtuber Kerala Kids has crossed 1 million on Youtube. Yes, we are talking about Tiya and Advik Chathamkulam Nimisharajeesh’s vlog. They are from Kerala. Currently, this news is causing a stir online and attracting everyone’s attention. People are turning to search engines to get all the details about the news. We will try to tell you all the details about the news. Continue reading to get all the details about the news.

Youngest YouTuber in Kerala Image: kalamsworldrecords

Youngest YouTuber in Kerala

According to reports, A family has set a new world record as the first Kerala Kids Youtubers to cross 1 million YouTube subscribers, the kids belonging to the age group under 10 years named Tiya Rajesh Chathamkulam and Advik Rajeesh Chathamkulam . Both of them are excellent in their work and this is the reason why they became the first child Youtuber of Kerala who crossed millions on their Youtuber channel. They set this record on November 28, 2021. This incredible achievement has been recorded in the Kalam World Records. There are still a few things left to tell you more details about the news which you will find in the next part of the article.

According to reports and information collected, both are excellent and intelligent people. If you have watched their videos then you will know about their vlog topics. Their vlogs are amazing if you’ve watched the videos so there’s no need to say more about their videos. If you don’t know about them then don’t worry here we will share some things about them. We’ll be discussing a lot more about the news, so scroll down the page to see the next part of the article.

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Youngest YouTuber in Kerala

Furthermore, Tiya and Advik Chathamkulam Nimisharajeesh create all kinds of videos. They record their activities and all their fans are interested in their vlogs. They also create short videos and long videos. They create videos manually and provide information to viewers. If we talk about the number of subscribers and videos on their channel. So, let us tell you that they have accumulated more than 2 million subscribers and a video count of around 1 lakh videos. They create very interesting videos and entertain their fans and subscribers. We have shared all the details about the news that we have taken from other sources. Please follow us for more updates.

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