YouTuber Deestroying makes his professional football debut for the UFL’s San Antonio Brahmas

Published: 2024-03-31T19:51:26 ❘ Updated: 2024-03-31T19:51:37

Years after the controversial NCAA ban, YouTuber Deestroying made his professional football debut by filing a lawsuit against the UFL’s San Antonio Brahmas.

The United Football League is receiving rave reviews for its opening weekend as NFL fans tune in to close the gap midway through the extended season. The tournament is also getting another boost in the form of YouTuber Deestroying.

The YouTube sensation earned a roster spot for the San Antonio Brahmas by defeating former Houston Texans kicker Matt Ammendola in early March.

Destroying couldn’t contain his excitement on the ESPN broadcast. “Now I am a real football player,” he said with a smile.

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Donald De Le Haye, better known by his YouTube name “Deestroying”, was a kickoff specialist and part-time receiver for the UCF Knights.

However, in 2017, the NCAA gave Deestroying an ultimatum: Delete or demonetize his YouTube channel or never play college football again.

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Deestroying gave up a scholarship and a spot on the team to continue profiting from his name, image and popularity.

Just a few years later, college athletes could safely profit from their own image with newly introduced NIL deals.

Even though the transition came too late for Deestroying, he still found success. He is one of the most popular sports YouTubers in the world, as evidenced by his 5.82 million subscribers.

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His one-on-one tournaments between wide receivers and cornerbacks helped build the channel over the years. These battles sometimes even feature current and former NFL players.

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And now, Deestroying is realizing his dream of playing professional soccer, even if it’s not in the league he always imagined.

His Brahmas comfortably cruised to a double-digit season-opening win over the Defenders, with Deestroying failing to score a single goal.

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