Zack Snyder Reveals He’s A Big Fortnite Player And Only Uses One Skin

Film director Zack Snyder revealed in an interview with Gamescom that he became an avid Fortnite fan after trying out the game for the first time with his son.

Zack Snyder is better known for his illustrious film career than his connection to video games, whose portfolio includes such iconic films as 300, Man of Steel, Justice League and Army of the Dead.

He appeared at Gamescom 2023 to promote his upcoming Netflix movie Rebel Moon, where he streamed the trailer ahead of the main event’s broadcast.

While attending various press conferences, he stopped by IGN, who did an interview with the famous director to ask about the games he plays.

Zack Snyder Reveals He’s “Drilled” into Fortnite

Snyder unexpectedly revealed that he became a huge fan of Fortnite after trying to play with his son. Even though he ultimately disliked the game, Snyder continued to play, going as far as saying, “I’ve fallen in a bad hole with Fortnite in the sense that I’ve dived pretty deep.”

He revealed that he plays Fortnite’s “no-build mode”, where players don’t need to gather resources and build their own buildings, a mode that has proven to be popular with fans. new to the game.

When asked what kind of skin he uses for his playable character, he immediately replies: “I’m Mr. Meseeks in Rick and Morty.”

Fortnite collaborations continue to be warmly received by fans, so it’s no surprise that even world-renowned directors like Zack Snyder want to rock their favorite collaboration skin. Some of the characters he portrays in his movies have previously appeared in the game, such as Superman in Chapter 2 Season 7.

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With Snyder promoting his new sci-fi movie Rebel Moon at Gamescom and showing his admiration for the Battle Royale game, this has fans questioning whether we can Can we see a collaboration between Zack Snyder and Fortnite- in the future.

On the other hand, Epic Games tweaked all gear to bring Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 to their player base on August 25, 2023, with a bunch of new exciting features.

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