Zackariah Darring- All About The Husband Of Keke Wyatt

Zackariah Darring is a businesswoman best known as the wife of Keke Wyatt, an American singer-songwriter, actor, and television personality. Darring is from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Fast facts

Full nameZackariah Darring
First nameZackariah
Last namebold
Professionfamous husband
Native cityIndianapolis
Country of birthUSA
Gender identityMale
sexual orientationRight
Civil statusMarried
SpouseKeke Wyatt
Number of children2
BirthdateAugust 1, 1976
Age46 years
married dateOctober 2018

He held her hand during a difficult period of her life.

Wyatt had a tough year in 2017. Her son, then 14, was battling cancer and her second marriage to Michael Jamar Ford, an ordained preacher and star of the reality show R&B Divas, was breaking up when she was eight. months of pregnancy. her son She took to Instagram to reveal that her ex-husband had filed for divorce from her, labeling her an emotional wreck when she was eight months pregnant with her child and battling her child’s illness.

Darring held Wyatt’s hand after Ford left her for another girl when he was dealing with so much, and they married in October 2018 in Indianapolis. During an interview, Wyatt couldn’t stop gushing about her new spouse. She said she contacted Darring, her ex-boyfriend from her childhood, and inquired about her whereabouts and well-being, without expecting anything in return. She had no idea if he was dating anyone. He was like, “Girl, what’s up?” she was just saying. “Oh Jesus,” she remembered thinking.

Darring, he said, was someone he could trust. He will never tell her that he is already fed up with her, her pregnancy, and her son’s fight against cancer. Wyatt also spoke about his son’s fight against cancer. The most difficult aspect of dealing with cancer as a mother was believing that he would die because she couldn’t fix him. The good news is that her son has recovered from cancer. He is no longer cancerous.

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Zackariah Darring

He is the father of two children and stepfather of nine.

Darring and his wife Wyatt had their first child, a baby boy named Ke’ Riah Darring, on January 6, 2020. In May 2022, he became a father for the second time and welcomed a second baby, Ke’ Ziyah Jean Darring.

Ke’Ziyah, their second child, was diagnosed with trisomy 13, commonly known as Patau syndrome, a genetic condition caused by an extra copy of chromosome 13. On February 10, 2023, Wyatt posted on Instagram that they were on their way to the hospital again , this time with his youngest son. She captioned the short video of the EMS ride back to the PICU, asking people to pray for the little one.

Darring is also a stepfather to 9 children his wife had from previous marriages. Wyatt has three children from his previous marriage to Rahmat Morton, two boys and a girl. At the end of their marriage, she was expecting her fourth child, but she gave birth to a stillborn child. He has five children with her second husband, Michael Jamar Ford, whom he married in 2010. Darring gave birth 11 times in total.

Her ex-husband was stabbed by his wife.

His wife had been married twice before marrying him. She was only 18 years old when she married her first ex-husband, Rahmat Morton, her road manager. Her marriage, however, was marred by intense domestic violence. It got to the point where she stabbed her then-husband with a steak knife on Christmas Day.

Zackariah Darring

When asked if he would ever forget the stabbing during an interview with Essence, he said it was to defend himself and protect his children. She said that her life was in danger, that a normal person wouldn’t stab someone just because and that others wouldn’t understand unless they put themselves in her shoes. She expressed regret for what she had done, but she refused to let it get the better of her.

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Net worth

His net worth is currently being calculated. As of today, his wife, Keke Wyatt, has a net worth of $4 million.

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